Luxury for less: List of Affordable Time Square Hotels


The feel of a room with an exotic view in a city that never sleeps, the sounds of hustling adventure seekers,the sights of Broadway lights is something we dream about while scouting for New York time square hotels.

With so many excellent Time Square hotels, it comes as a challenge to find the luxury in less. With over 50 million annual visitors dropping by to this iconic place to experience the marquee hotels that reflect NYC’s bright lights, boutique hotels on the charming side streets, parks, greenery and the beautiful soaking sights, we have rounded up the list of top NYC time square hotels that offers an unrivalled location in the glitz and glam of Times Square. Take a sneak peek:

  • Millennium Broadway Hotel

Only a half block away from the Times Square, the Millennium hotel indeed offers a wide range of magnificent rooms.  Coupons, offers, promotions and deals are something you can rely on when haggling for booking. And if you choose to go for NYC travel packages, there’s nothing you need to bother about. You get everything for granted.

  • Edison Hotel New York City

An art deco-inspired hotel with a rich history that dates back to 1931 has every reason to attract the guests. Surrounding the sphere of stunning attractions like Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and Bryant Park, this hotel never fails to appeal a variety of travelers.

Takeaway: The hotel wins with a budget-friendly Classic Guestroom to 20-story high luxury Presidential Suite, all of which have access to the hotel’s fitness centre and an extensive list of comfort amenities.

  • Night Hotel Times Square

Now,this is opulence. The ski-lodge inspired restaurant and bar get well-heeled with its magnificent lobby bursting with colored lights, unique designs, aquariums, modern furniture and art.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, Night Hotel Times Square is only a stone throw away from the Times Square.

  • Paramount Times Square

Perfect for guests looking for exploring the city’s top theatre, music, and entertainment attractions both by foot and public transportation this highly dramatic, sassy, and contemporary hotel leaves the guests spoilt for choice.

  • DoubleTree Suites by Hilton NYC

The only all-suite hotel in the area, the DoubleTree Suites by Hiltonenvelopes impressive panoramic views of Times Square, a list of modern amenities, 468 spacious suites, work desks and lot more. Towering 45floors above the city, the hotel calls for a once-in-a-time glimpse in the most lively areas of the world.

  • Room Mate Grace

A tourist dream location,the Room Mate Grace is 300m from the centre of Times Square and with a selection of rooms from basic twin to luxury suites; the hotel caters a variety of options like luggage and laundry service, breakfast options and access to VIP tickets for clubs right down the street.

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Get Soaked in America’s Top 5 Winter Escapes

Hot drinks, snowy slopes, frozen lakes,or sunny beaches canlure everyone for a winter break. Pay a visit to America during the wintery season and experience the most majestic landscapes drenched in blue skies, high altitudes capped with snow, open plains and warm beaches that are no less than a paradise. Trippin Travel uncovers America’s most loved cities for every type of winter wanderer.

No. 1 Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica may be beautiful all year-round but when it comes to winter the city wins the heart for those looking for not-too-scorching sun, sand, beaches and a relaxed slow paced lifestyle near the shores. It is this quintessential destination-where you’ll find surfers, locals, and tourists alike lounging,  mingling festively together at Pacific Park amusement park, the outdoor gym at Muscle Beach, or on the historic Looff Hippodrome Carousel.

Head over the west coast this Fall and take on cleaner ocean air, more-than-mild temperatures, and beach-focused lifestyle.

No. 2 New Orleans

New orleans

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, a little party called Mardi Gras in New Orleans, World class cafes, and the beautiful nature settings are an obvious draw for travelers during winters. There is also an opportunity to see local sports fans out in force. Yes, the city is again hosting the Allstate Sugar Bowl, the first week of January. This would be an ideal time of year to enjoy the city’s newly minted attractions.

No.3 Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Downhill snow skiing, Class-IV whitewater rafting, world-class golf and fishing and 600 miles of hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park make Gatlinburg perfect gear for your winter hike. And letus not forget the most coveted urban ski weekend 2018 which packs unlimited fun, snow skiing, tubing, wine tasting, guest celebrate parties.

Drench yourself in the wintery scene of the Smoky Mountains and experience the 2018 Urban Ski Weekend.

No. 4 Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

With world’s greatest theme parks complemented by a flourishing roster of family-oriented activities, crisp, cool nights, which makes for good camping weather, the Orlando eye, Star Wars Launch Bay, Marvel at Manatees, as well as glorious gifts of Nature,  it’s no wonder that Orlando promises balmy days of fun every winter.

Spending winter in Florida this Fall will make your trip extra special.

No. 5 Ouray, Colorado

Ouray, Colorado

Situated in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado, Ouray is known as the Switzerland of America. With a blanket of snow, fluffy snowflakes and the ethereal blue glow of the famous Ouray Ice Park, Ouray has officially bundled up for a fantastic winter season.

The Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton also offers access to incredible backcountry skiing terrain; in fact Ouray is the perfect place to try out ice climbing for the first time, or to enhance your climbing skills with the help of the local guides. Inevitably, this place is amazing for group travel.

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10 Essential Travel Tips That Should Be On Your Travel Radar

Holland_Coke_ShotD198---Version-2_Robert-Holland_BFSAs we move into month of November, travelers are booking trips to spend time with travel groups, family, friends, or just simply on an adventure with a travel group. Whatever the reason may be for travel, it is important to ease the stress of traveling during the Holiday Seasons with planning ahead.

Here are our Ultimate Planning Travel Tips to make all the right moves.

Tip 1: Make reservations early, so you do not get caught in the last-minute rush. This could save you time and money. Many companies give a discount for early or non-refundable booking.

Tip 2:  Be Flexible. Many airlines, hotels, and rental cars are cheaper when booking 1 to 2 days before or after a holiday. Many travelers place of employment gives them time off on holidays, making it the perfect time to travel.  With that in mind, some reservations can be from $50-$100 higher because of demand or cheaper because of flexibility.

Tip 3: Pack light. Although you want various choices with your wardrobe, pack light to avoid excessive luggage fees or burn too much gas because of heavy weight on road trips. Choose several clothing tops and 1 or 2 pants/skirts. Use accessories to change the wardrobe.

Tip 4: Create a spending budget. Just because you are traveling, does not mean you need to vacation above your means. Check out Happy Hours specials, use food coupons, eat brunch, or bring a snack during the trip to curve your appetite.

Tip 5: Seek out “Free or Discount” events during your travel. Many tourist destinations or most visited cities offer reasonable tours or free events to attract travelers. If you are bold to ask for recommendations on social media, go for it. Who better know what is going on in a city than its residents!

Tip 6: Purchase Travel Insurance in an event of an emergency. Life events do happen and no matter how much you plan, you can always use extra funds if needed.

Tip 7: Seek out expert advice. Use a travel agent to help with planning. They have the insight on deals and ways to travel without breaking the bank.

Tip 8: Subscribe to travel sites or mailing lists to get up to date travel deals and information. Many travel companies also provide reasonable group travel packages and provide timely notifications of such deals.

Tip 9: Create a Travel Plan B in case you have to modify your travel plans. You never know what obstacle is out there and instead of putting a halt to your plans, you can still travel without “skipping a beat.”

Tip 10: Make the most of your travel, nothing is perfect and your travel is what you make it. Have fun and enjoy.

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Plan Your Best Ski Trips in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN



The celebrity parties nightly, comedy and spoken words concerts have everyone in stitches all time, fashion shows keep the bar and moods high, wine tasting & boozing wasn’t palatable ever before, Super bowl party, Urban skiing with a challenging artificial environment just gets a different spin every year. With all this happening, rocking and mind-boggling activities Urban ski weekend 2018 leads the month’s headlines.

Drench yourself in the wintery scene of the Smoky Mountains and join the pride of Tennessee’s 2018 urban ski weekend. Gatlinburg, an ideal place nestled on the eastern side of Tennessee and home to the popular Ober Ski Resort. The Rockies and Sierras here are majestic and unforgettable, and, well, big.

Don’t forget that Gatlinburg is absolutely gorgeous in winter. Well of course the city is blessed with many of its key attractions that offer sweeping views of the neighboring park, sky lift, Great Smoky Mountains, historic places, a 2.1-mile aerial cable car that journey from Downtown to the popular amusement park and ski resort Ober Gatlinburg, grotto falls, spring flowers and what not? Your eyes must be absolutely twinkling with the pompous view whether you hit the slopes or not. Here’s a glimpse of this beautiful city.

Clingmans Dome at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee


Who doesn’t wants to visit this ethereal beauty?


Winter Sports at Ober Gatlinburg

Durango Mountain Resort

The ski lodge on Mount Harrison, AKA Ober Gatlinburg


Gatlinburg at Night


Apart from getting soaked in this beauty, the urban ski event covering 4 days and 3 exciting nights, all day and all night partying, themed activities and more has everything to make your winters adventurous and stimulating.  Granted, you’ve lucrative & laidback urban ski hotel packages. The weekend features real snow, fun on the slopes, wines, shows, themed activities and skiing that gets breathtaking and amazingly awesome with comfy settings that are only included in customized urban ski packages.

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5 Spectacular Ways to Make Essence Music Festival 2018 Magnetizing


No doubt about it: When it comes to creating a memorable Essence music festival there’s only one rule: Make the most out of it. The 2018 essence festival is set to kick off in its favorite New Orleans, Louisana aka NOLA as its official city calls for high-style affair every year. With around 470,000 attendees to its nightly concert series inside the Superdome and the free workshops and entertainment at New Orleans’ convention center, the 2017 festival was a huge event.

You can’t miss a single standard when it comes to making essence even more dazzling and spellbinding as opposed to next year.  Here are few of our tips, curated with the help of pros who made the most of the festival in its 23rd edition.

  1. Dress to Impress But Don’t Forget Your Comfort


Essence salutes fashion mavens strolling with style wrapped with comfort. It would be July in New Orleans; it would be hot and humid (with some chances of rain).  Prepare yourself with a snazzy yet cozy outfit and an umbrella.

No matter what you plan to do you have to walk a ton regardless you being in a car or not. Walking is given and standing becomes involuntary.  So, how would your feet prosper in 4-5 inches? We would prefer you to sport comfortable shoes or a pair of snazzy flats, or even flip flops would do its best job.

      2. Prep-Up For The All- White Party


White is essentially the essence of ESSENCEFest. The Legacy of festival has always made sure that the all-white party happens. So show up and flaunt in an all-white alphet for the weekend.

      3. Do Buy Your 3 Nights Ticket Early


Are you planning to come in a group? Then a group travel package will rescue you from running out of money and last moment chaos. Go for a licensed travel management company that offers affordable 3 days group package.

      4. Do Some Music Expedition


Essence always brings a cheerful delight with its breathtaking sensational music from the biggest names in the music industry. Do yourself a favor; as you scan the lineup and witness any unfamiliar name set to put the stage on fire, just Google up and do some research. Maybe you are going to front an electrifying performer from Africa who hasn’t made it the live shows of U.S. yet.

      5. Plan To Network And Socialize


If you’re a woman entrepreneur, Walker’s legacy brunch is a great place to hang around for a couple of hours and mingle with the brainy ladies. You may also witness all types of side conferences hailing the business pitch competitions, their product showcases etc.

 Well, Essence has changed significantly over the years but what has continually been constant is its fascinating experience which augments every following Year. Fingers crossed for 2018 Essence Festival, we know it is going to be a huge and a phenomenal annual festival.

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